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Speedy Tuesday - Omega Speedmaster '57 Caliber 9300 Review

Its Speedy Tuesday This week we present to you our review on the Omega Speedmaster 57 Co-Axial Caliber 9300 Chronograph that was introduced to us last year in Basel. A modern Speedmaster that we already compared to the original Omega Speedmaster from 1957 and the Omega Speedmaster 57 Re-edition (click here). This review talks about this straight-lugged Speedmaster 57 with its subtle nods to the original Speedmaster timepiece. We had it on our wrists for quite some time and wed like to share our thoughts and experiences with you.Omega was so kind to lend us this Omega Speedmaster 57 reference?331., the stainless steel and red gold combination on a brown leather calf strap. Alth [...]

Back On Cloud Nine With Patek Philippe

One of my biggest fears is that I take things for granted. And by things, I mean both immaterial and material ones. Let me focus on the material side of my fear since this is a watch website and not a self-help platform. When you see as many watches as I do a privileged situation, I know it can cause an overload of the senses. You go numb a bit. Watches start to look alike, and prices become numbers without meaning. That's bad. A watch journalist needs to be sharp and open-minded like a child. And during the recent Watches And Wonders show in Geneva, I did feel like a child again, and what I saw sharpened my senses. After an intense touch-and-feel session, I was back in on cloud nine with Pa [...]

Introducing The (Already Sold-Out) Zenith Defy Revival A3642

Zenith has been very much on my radar since a get-together with other watch enthusiasts some months ago. In particular, the El Primero Revivals and Defy series caught my attention. That's why I recently tried on the Chronomasters A384 and A386-inspired Original, as well as the blue Defy in 41mm. Of course, I also looked at some pictures from when they were originally introduced in the 1960s. I found that the current Defy range looks especially different from its ancestors. I even thought to myself, Wouldn't it be great if Zenith introduced a modern Defy with a design much closer to that original version? Et voila-Last Sunday, Zenith shared a moving close-up of a watch that would be introduce [...]

The Rolex GMT-Master 1675

One of my favorite Rolex watches is the GMT-Master. With the introduction of the 116710LN and 116713LN models, I feel that the classic GMT-Master has been phased out by Rolex. The new updated model with its bulky lugs and ceramic bezel surely is a nice timepiece and probably suits all modern requirements, but it cleary stands further away from the original 1954 model than its more recent predecessors (i.e. 16710, 16760, 16700).The first GMT-Master (ref.6542) was introduced in 1954, in the same year as Pan Am took the Boeing 707 in operation. Since the Boeing 707 was demanding the highest of Pan Ams pilots in terms of psychological well being. Pan Am thought that at least a time piece that co [...]

Sunday Morning Showdown: Pilot's Paragon - IWC Vs. Breitling

In our Sunday Morning Showdown, two of our writers go head-to-head in an epic showdown for the ages. Strong opinions and hysterical hyperbole are welcome (so feel free to join in with the fun in the comments section below). And dont forget to let us know which watches youd like to see torn to shreds/effusively exalted next week. Well try and feature as many of our readers choices as we can. This week our writers try to conquer the skies with two Pilots watches: The new IWC Pilots Watch Chronograph 41 and the Breitling Navitimer B01 Chronograph 43.With the online extravaganza that was Watches Wonders 2021 behind us, its time to bring you another Sunday Morning Showdown. The past week has bee [...]

Share Your #SpeedyTuesday Story On Instagram

Last week, Omega announced a little contest for SpeedyTuesday fans. All you have to do to take part is to post a picture of your Speedmaster on your Instagram feed and tell us your Speedy Story. What makes it special to you? Why did you buy it? Has it seen adventures or memorable times on your wrist? Get snapping and join in the fun. We cant wait to read your words!Your Speedy Stories should be 100 words or less. Omega will choose its favorites and post them (with your consent) to its official Instagram Stories feed and on the official website. This little initiative runs for the next three weeks and you dont need to wait till it is Tuesday, but you must remember to use the SpeedyTuesday a [...]

Panerai Stylebook II

It is here, thanks Dave I can only use it as a picturebook since it is in Japanese, but everything on Panerai is welcome.It will probably get a place on my bookshelf near the Time Capsule book by Imai on the Omega Speedmaster-series which are also in Japanese. [...]

Collector's Story: My Final Attempt At Owning A Speedmaster Watch

Collecting watches is also about sharing this passion with others. Theres little or no fun in just collecting without talking about (your) watches with other like-minded people, right? Last year we brought you a number of collectors stories from Speedmaster enthusiasts. Today we have Kelvin who wants to share his story on the new Speedmaster Professional.Kelvin started collecting watches in 2012. Not with an Omega Speedmaster, but with a pre-owned Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea. Today, he has a number of watches, including the new Omega Speedmaster Professional Master Chronometer. It isnt Kelvins first Speedmaster watch though. It is his third, and hopefully this one will stay in his collection.K [...]

Hands-On Review With The Grand Seiko SBGW257 And SBGW259 Watches

I never get tired of getting new watches in hand. Even after thousands of timepieces have passed through my possession, I remain surprised at how surprised I am still able to be. The more watches I encounter, the more I must remind myself to keep an open mind and to get them on the wrist. If Id ignored that sage advice, I might still be sleeping on the Grand Seiko SBGW257 and SBGW259.The Grand Seiko SBGW257 and SBGW259 watches would not have been watches Id have gravitated to in the boutique. Why not? I hear you cry. Do you not think theyre beautiful? Well, yes, actually, I do think theyre beautiful. In fact, I would go as far as to say that their beauty far outstrips almost anything else th [...]

Watches With Meaning - Highlights From RJ's Collection

We receive quite a few messages about our personal collections or personal favorites. Based on these requests, our Social Media Manager Sinara asks founder RJ about his personal collection. RJ decided to bring some of his most meaningful watches.Robert-Jan started collecting watches in the late 1990s as a student. His first major purchase was his Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.012-67SP, but he already had received an Omega Constellation 95 before that as a graduation present. Omega is a brand that runs in the family, as you will see in this video. One of his most cherished watches is the one that Sinara asks about first, a gold/steel Omega Constellation Deluxe from 1969. It belonged to h [...]

Meet The New Omega Seamaster Ultra Deep In Titanium (Live Pictures)

Remember the Seamaster Ultra Deep from 2019? It is the Omega watch that played a role in Victor Vescovo's Five Deeps Expedition, and went down to 10,927 meters. Now, in 2022, Omega introduces a version of that watch you can actually wear (as the 2019 piece had a thickness of 28.5mm). Meet the Seamaster Ultra Deep in titanium. Its part of the Planet Ocean collection and able to go as deep as 6,000 meters, or 20,000 feet.I saw and tried on the 15,000m water-resistant Ultra Deep when I was in the Omega Museum in Biel, Switzerland. Its an incredibly impressive watch, and definitely not suitable for normal wear. One could have guessed that the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean collection would receive [...]

Which Is The Best Omega Speedmaster To Buy? A Collector's Opinion...

A question that is often raised with us, is which is the best Speedmaster to buy? And don't think this question only comes from those who are new to watches. Even here in the office, this discussion often comes up. It is especially popular among team members that don't yet have a Speedy to call their own, I have to add.In 1999, when I bought my first Omega Speedmaster, I somewhat did the wrong thing. I bought myself a vintage Speedmaster Professional 145.012 powered by the legendary caliber 321. Although it is difficult to believe that this was a bad decision, I honestly feel it was. At the time, things were totally different from today and there wasn't that much money involved in the world [...]

The Speedmaster Forum

A while ago, I mentioned that The (Dutch) Speedmaster Club is being revived. The first step is here.. a dedicated forum for Omega Speedmaster watches.I installed a PHPBB forum system on my omega-addict.com site and since today it is up and running. For other non-Speedmaster watches, I suggest you (still) go to WatchUseeks Omega Forum ofcourse.Click the banner below or click here to go to the Speedmaster Forum It is a bit sparse ofcourse, but its new ??To prevent confusion, you dont have to be Dutch to join!! [...]

Seiko Spacewalk Spring Drive SPS005 - My Daily Watch

Seiko Spacewalk A short introductionBefore I start writing about the Seiko Spacewalk as a daily watch, lets do an introduction first. On the Seiko SpaceWalk but also on Seiko and Space in general.Richard GarriotIn 2008, Seiko introduced the Spacewalk Spring Drive watch during BaselWorld. It was made for astronaut Richard Garriot. Garriot, who?started developing video games in the 1980s together with his brother, sold his company to Electronic Arts in 1992. In 1997, he designed one of the most famous RPG games ever: Ultima Online.Anyway, his father was an astronaut (Owen Garriot) and all his life he dreamt about traveling to space. In 2008, this became reality. He was the sixth citizen to tr [...]

Hands-On With The Oris James Morrison Academy Of Music Limited Edition

We previously announced the Oris Artelier James Morrison Academy of Music on Fratello here. And now we have the chance to test drive it on the wrist. The Acadamy of Music slots into the existing jazz collection, but this time, it is inspired by a living trumpeting legend, James Morrison.After the announcement, and the excellent article by my fellow Fratello, Andreas, on the Art Blakey, I just had to get my hands on this piece.?I applaud Andreas for combining the Oris Art Blakey review with his passion for percussion. Im a guitarist, and although Ive chosen a piece intended for a trumpet player, James Morrison regards himself as a multi-instrumentalist. Im hoping that covers the electric guit [...]

Bubble Back Club

Just recently, someone over at the Dutch Rolex Forum mentioned the Rolex Bubble Back Club. A site dedicated to these (small) vintage beauties for collectors and enthusiasts who are a bit tired of the ever ongoing vintage sports Rolex discussions. Or just for the collector who wants to try something different for a change ??The owner of the site also has Rolex watches for sale. Bubble Backs and other Rolexes. Click here to go to the Bubble Back Club website. [...]

New York City Speedy Tuesday Event Report

Last week we held our 6th Speedy Tuesday Event this year, this time in the city that never sleeps: New York.Different from the previous editions were the topics we had for the guests of the New York City Speedy Tuesday event. We added the platinum Speedmaster with caliber 321 to the presentation given by Omegas VP Head of Product Management Gregory Kissling, but we also talked about a watch we havent touched before during the events: the Speedmaster X-33.We thought it would be an interesting topic, as the special guest of the New York City Speedmaster Tuesday Event happened to be astronaut Terry Virts. He is a former Space Shuttle astronaut and International Space Station commander, who spic [...]

Paying The Price Or Playing The Waiting Game - How Long Can You Sit Tight For A Rolex?

Desiring a steel sports watch from Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, or Vacheron Constantin is a challenge. It requires either an almost unhealthy relationship with the local dealer, an XL bank account, or the patience of a Zen master. The luxury dilemma of paying the price or playing the watch waiting game is a reality that gets harsher every day. And because of that, it has a direct influence on how people are experiencing watches. Some people have turned away from brands with multi-page waitlists, while others just pay (way) more than list price because they can afford it. For those people, there also must be a big fear of missing out involved, but what exactly theyre missing out on [...]

The Omega Speedmaster Watch Buyer's Guide - Part 1

In 2021, Omega updated the iconic Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch with the caliber 3861 movement. A very good reason to update our Speedmaster Buyers Guide as well!This guide dates all the way back to 2014, and since then, a lot happened. Not only did we have our own way with Omega and the two Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday watches (in 2017 and 2018), Omega also introduced a number of interesting Speedmaster watches to the collection. What about the Speedmaster Calibre 321 from 2020, or the new Moonwatch Master Chronometer models in gold? Time for us to update this Speedmaster Buyers Guide.In this Speedmaster Buyers Guide, we give you an overview of the most important references of the Speedm [...]

Five Iconic Dive Watches That Deserve The Respect They Get - Blancpain, Rolex, Tudor, And More...

Its a crying shame that dive watches were replaced by dive computers way back when. What could dive watches have become had we relied on them solely for measuring depth and timing how fast our body absorbs gasses before we simply run out of air and have to make an emergency ascent? Lets not go there. Theres some technology that we should be thankful for and computerized diving equipment is one of them. Luckily though, dive watches are still just as stylish and collectible today as they were before dive computers even came onto the scene and attempted to deliver a near-death blow to these wristwatches altogether.Whats more, despite a heavily saturated market, we haven't forgotten those blasts [...]